Letter from the Executive Director:

Hi I’m Bobby Gene and thank you for your interest in “I WANT TO ACT FOUNDATION”

Why Create Such a Foundation?

This foundation’s various improvisation, self -esteem and confidence building programs were created primarily with inner-city youth in mind, as our motto states, to “Open Doors for Our Kids”.

We bring opportunity with us for youth who have a desire to become a television and or film actor.  A chance most inner-city youth probably would never get, let alone know where to start to eventually grow forward in an integer and upright place with the right connections.

My Story

Growing up in South Central Los Angeles and having also lived in East Los Angeles a few years ,was definitely a time where survival mode was in effect 110% of the time. With a single mom having to raise two boys in poverty and gang stricken environment that wasn’t always the kindest, we persevered never the less and am now able to look back and say that we made it through those tough times ok.

As a preteen I saw a fellow classmate of mine in a few commercials and feature films with well- known celebrities and after that as they say, I was bitten by the acting bug. I knew within my heart of hearts that I wanted what he had. But where do I start was the question… how do I begin?  I was about thirteen years old and I had had no pathway or direction in getting started within the entertainment industry.

After about five to six years and once I became an adult I had to figure it out on my own. Research on how to get plugged in into this industry, trial and error, being ripped off financially, going to what we thought were real auditions that turned out to be only Hollywood fakers and scammers. Eventually, I landed in an acting school that served up the perfect opportunity for what I sought.

With hard work and determination I began working with a very good TV/Film agent, and my career working on commercial and movie sets started, the rest as they say is history. My only goal was to see myself on television and you know…one day that dream came true and many times afterwards

Opportunity for Inner-City Youth ON THE BIG SCREEN

I thought and said to myself how could I help give this opportunity to other youth in my community so they wouldn’t have to wait until there of age to find a legitimate acting environment to assist them in getting started in the entertainment industry.  That closed door of opportunity had to be opened!

Now there are No More Closed Doors simply because of one who may have grown up in an environment where this type of opportunity is rare and difficult to find. Thus,” I Want To Act Foundation” was birthed and already from our recent results is making a difference. From the many schools that we’ve visited thus far, and with students from the community, are getting signed with TV/Film agents. Going to Big production auditions and getting a chance at what many would may have never gotten a chance to do. It is proving itself and is working as we believe we’ve even saved some lives just by what this foundation is all about.  Hopefully you’ll see the difference in what we are doing and say hey, I’d like to be apart of that. Or maybe you’d simply want to give a generous donation to support or youth. Whatever you choose to do we say THANK YOU IN ADVANCE as we look forward to growing the untouched talent of the many youths already here and to come.

Bobby Gene 

Bobby Gene
Founder/Executive Director

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