Holy Ann : she lived with God; brief life of Ann Preston by N D Daniel

By N D Daniel

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I know my personal life would be far more serene if I were to just avoid this subject altogether. But personal serenity and God's wishes are not always compatible. I do not feel the Lord wants his chosen vessels to insure their personal tranquility by ignoring subjects which can be sources of real agony to those beset by them. I will, therefore, give my opinions on this subject, and let the chips fall where they may. The Basis For What Follows To begin with, I would like to state that Frances and I are happily married so my personal situation is not one to predispose me to sympathy toward the "easy" divorce philosophy which is becoming endemic to our society today.

This was in my younger days when the family and the home were more or less stable and the church was the instrument for raising the aspirations of mankind above that of the "human" level. Today, with the family unit besieged on every side and occupying little more than a shadow of its former stature, it has become obvious that the family and the home are of paramount importance if we are to hope to see our present state of "civilization" preserved. As the integrity of the family unit has deteriorated, crime, sin and perversion have escalated to exactly the same degree.

I am well aware that some will disagree with the views I have developed, and will feel led to take me to task for these views. Many would like to see the "ground rules" on divorce made less harsh, while others will feel I am far too lenient in my opinions. Please keep in mind, though, whichever position you may take, that I have tried to frame my views within the bounds of scriptural directives. I do not feel it is up to us to promote a "softening" of the restraints against divorce, nor do I feel it is up to us to view those within the situation with a harsh, judgmental attitude which promotes a feeling of continuous bondage among those who have been inflicted with its consequences.

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