Cargo and Weapons Elevators (ch772)

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Inscriptions: Horoi, Poletai Records, and Leases of Public Lands (Athenian Agora 19)

The 3 different types of inscription from the Athenian Agora awarded during this quantity are all fascinated by very important civic concerns. half I, through Gerald V. Lalonde, comprises all of the horoi present in the excavations; so much of them have been introduced into the realm for reuse at a later interval. An introductory essay discusses some of the functionality that the horoi served, no matter if as markers of tangible barriers or deepest documents of safety for debt.

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16 Personnel Guards Around Rotating Machinery. Personnel safety guards shall be installed around all rotating machinery components and hoist ropes that are easily accessible to operating personnel. Safety guards around drums, shafts, and wire ropes should be constructed of pipe and expanded steel and be easily removable. They shall be fitted into sockets in the deck or the machinery foundation to permit self-support without pins or fasteners. When required, safety guards for smaller components, such as couplings and slack rope devices, may be designed to swing away from machinery components to permit easy access for maintenance.

Before any platform movement takes place, it is imperative that communications be established between operators at the deck levels where elevator operation is expected. Additional information on communication systems can be found in NSTM, Chapter 430, Interior Communication Installations. 1 Communication Circuits. All elevator control stations are connected by a communication circuit. Depending on the type of ship and the service of the elevator, different circuits are used to communicate movement orders.

The control for the 440-VAC power supply in each elevator system is the power panel disconnect switch. It serves as the on/off switch to provide power to or remove power from each elevator. This disconnect switch also acts as a circuit breaker. Circuit breakers receive 440-VAC, 3 phase, 60-Hz power from the power panel and in turn, supply this power to their respective motor controller. The circuit breaker isolates and protects the circuit during overload conditions, and if tripped, must be manually reset.

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