Anthony Wayne: American General (Revolutionary War Leaders) by Patricia Grabowski

By Patricia Grabowski

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In late September 1780, British major John Andre was taken prisoner by three American soldiers. He was carrying plans for a British takeover of West Point in New York. American 53 54 ANTHONY WAYNE American General Benedict Arnold betrayed the Continental Army in return for money and a high rank in the British army. general Benedict Arnold was in command of the fort. He offered to help the British in return for money and a high rank in the British army. The War Turns Arnold was a traitor, who weakened the defenses at West Point by sending troops away on phony errands.

Anthony and his men were ordered to spy on the British and attack their troops. But it was a trap. Instead of meeting only a small British force, Anthony found himself facing Cornwallis’ entire army. He attacked anyway. Cornwallis was surprised that Anthony would attack with such a small force. He thought the rest of the American army must be near. He pulled back his troops, and Anthony was able to retreat. Just before the skirmish at Green Spring, Anthony camped with his 800 men at York. A soldier called “Jemy the Rover” was with him.

The rest of The Road to Independence the army, under Howe and Lord Cornwallis, planned to circle around behind the Americans and attack from behind. Washington ordered Anthony to charge across the creek and attack the British. Anthony had nearly defeated Knyphausen when he received a message. The message gave him wrong information about the position of the British army. There was some brief confusion, causing a pause in the action. The delay cost the Americans their chance for victory. In the meantime, Cornwallis attacked the right side of the American army with 7,000 men.

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