An Introduction to Structural Analysis. The Network Approach by S. D. Berkowitz

By S. D. Berkowitz

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By compression, the mother (M) role is replaced by FW—father's wife—and daughter (D) by SZ—son's sister. This yields a minimal role set of six—any five of which may have direct relationships with ego at a given point in time. 14. 14 Source: Harrison C. White, An Anatomy of Kinship © 1963, p. 8. J. " The directions given by the arrowheads indicate possible role compounds. Note that cyclic or repetitive role sequences are possible, for example, FWFWFW. The upwardly looping and downwardly looping arrows defined onto the father (F) and son (S) roles indicate possible paths between generations—for example, FF = ego's grandfather.

Part of it, no doubt, has to do with historic dimensions which play an important role in how actual groups come to adopt and use this terminology. In "real world" cases where the clan structure embodied in kinship terminology is well defined, however, White's formal models and observed data closely approximate one another. 55 Thus, while White's work in An Anatomy of Kinship has some significant limitations—particularly in its applicability to the nonclosed kinship systems typical of modern societies 56 —it represents an important step toward a more rigorous and detailed examination of the underlying logic of kinship and its role in systems of interpersonal communication.

8. 0. 4, respectively. 20 Young and Willmott stress the importance of sheer geographic distance in altering the intensity of ties between members of the nuclear families living in "Greenleigh" and kin left behind in Bethnal Green. Thus, husbands who continued, on balance, to work in Bethnal Green, maintained slightly more contact with kinsmen than wives who, for the most part, did not. 2 1 From a structural point of view, this and related research undertaken by Young and Willmott 22 —though methodologically restricted by its failure to examine second-order and thirr 1 -order contacts—strongly suggests important analytic dimensions which were not present, to any significant extent, in Bott's work.

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