Alternative Fuel by Maximino Manzanera

By Maximino Manzanera

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For industrial-scale production, despite 34 Alternative Fuel of the benefits, the presence of organic solvents introduces problems like reduction of capacity (as the solvent takes up volume), environmental issues (toxicity, emissions) and costs (recovery and losses), as discussed by Nielsen et al. (2008). % lipase; 25 cycles of reuse with no loss of activity Lipase inactivation with a molar ratio of methanol to oil > 1:1 Ref. Oliveira et al. (2004a) Shieh et al. (2003) Rodrigues et al. (2008a) Watanabe et al.

Fuel. Vol. p. , & Hattori, Y. (2002). Catalysts for transesterification. S. Patent 6407269, June 18, 2002. K. & Chadha, A. (2005). Preparation of biodiesel from crude oil of Pongamia pinnata. p. , Matsubara, K. & Honda, K. (2009). Acceleration of catalytic activity of calcium oxide for biodiesel production. Bioresource Technology, Vol. 100, No. p. J. ) (2001). Nanoscale Materials in Chemistry, Jonh Wiley & Sons, Inc. ISBN 0471-38395-3, New York, United States. Körbitz, W. (1998). Multi-Feed-Stock-Biodiesel:The Modern & Profitable FAME.

Vol. 101, No. p. , Liu, X. & Mao, Z. (2006). Preparation of Biodiesel Catalyzed by Solid Super Base of Calcium Oxide and Its Refining Process. Chinese Journal of Catalysis, Vol. 27, No. p. 391-396, ISSN: 1872-2067 2 An Overview of Enzyme-Catalyzed Reactions and Alternative Feedstock for Biodiesel Production Maria Manuela Camino Feltes, Débora de Oliveira, Jorge Luiz Ninow and José Vladimir de Oliveira Federal University of Santa Catarina Brazil 1. , 2007). , 2004) defined as the mono alkyl esters of long chain fatty acids derived from vegetable or animal fats, for use in compression-ignition (diesel) engines (American Society for Testing and Material [ASTM], 1989).

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