All Tomorrow's Zombies (All Flesh Must be Eaten RPG) by Jason Vey, David Carroll

By Jason Vey, David Carroll

"My God, these items are useless! they're already dead!" Noise erupted at once into Jamie's mind from each channel of her transmitter-a cacophony of blaster fireplace squeals, frantic cries of terror, and inhuman groans. She screamed one identify after the opposite into her comlink, to no avail. without warning, simply in the back of, rose a rainy smack. It was once correct on best of her . . . Welcome to flesh-eating sci-fi. It does not get extra extreme than this! All Tomorrow's Zombies is a complement for the All Flesh needs to be Eaten roleplaying online game, including the undead to numerous forms of technology fiction, and that includes the main harmful zombies ever!

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105). Explosive Bullet: These nasty pieces of ammunition triple any damage that gets through the usual Armor or Barrier Value. Flechette Bullet: Instead of bullets, flechette weapons fire bursts of tiny, razor-sharp shards that spread out similar to a shotgun blast. All damage that gets through any Armor or Barrier Value in the way is tripled. ” Flower Power: This is similar to flechette damage, except a single projectile bursts into a hemisphere of shards when it hits its target. A character hit in the chest will end up with metal flying through his groin and skull, and all the organs in between.

Rather, in an effort to streamline the system, we have combined these two aspects into a single power. In addition, due to space concerns, many of the details, such as defensive use of psionic powers, have been excised from this text. Players and Zombie Masters who prefer the detail and customizability of the full versions of these rules are encouraged to use that more expansive system. Playability should be unaffected either way. Using Harm Defenses Against Psionic Powers Mundanes can resist some psionic powers with a Difficult Willpower Test, at the ZM’s option.

136), the range and capacity is not listed here. These weapons may all be thrown or launched in a grenade launcher as normal (although for some of them, throwing them is a dangerous option). Explosive Areas of Effect Table Weapon Type Ground Zero General Effect Max. Range Tech Aval Flechette Grenade 1 3 5 N R Antimatter Grenade 10 30 80 E R Thermal Detonator 3 10 20 S R Explosive Damage Table Weapon Type Ground Zero General Effect Max. Range D8 x 5(20) D8 x 4(16) D8 x 2(8) Antimatter Grenade D10 x 10(50) D10 x 8(40) D10 x 6(30) Thermal Detonator D10 x 8(40) D10 x 6(30) D10 x 2(10) Flechette Grenade Chapter Two 46 Body Armor Table Here are some of the protections that might exist against all that lethal firepower.

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