All of Statistics: A Concise Course in Statistical Inference by Larry Wasserman

By Larry Wasserman

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You will think and talk and argue and laugh. You will enjoy yourself, but you will also sometimes suffer. For in the general atmosphere of thought and discussion and criticism and laughter, the city inside you may well be invaded and overthrown. What you have so far considered obviously true or false may now seem not so obvious. What so far has appeared as certainly good or bad may now seem not so certain. If by temperament you are an establishment man, certain features of the establishment may begin to look shabby or dishonest.

There is a great deal wrong with the world, and the ghost can be made to tell us that it is largely our fault. I remember a preacher making us feel that it was our selfishness which helped to cause the 1914 war, although most of us had not been born until after the armistice had been signed. But of course it is generally done with greater subtlety than that, although the object aimed at is the same, to make us feel shabby, mean, contemptible, monstrously ungrateful to the God who made us. And so the unholy ghost within us is set furiously to work.

For I have tried to be good by means of an evil thing: fear. 18 Beginnings: Openness But suppose I have behaved unselfishly out of love? Suppose I knew with deep certainty that I could only be my full self by giving, and that this is what love means. Then yesterday, when I acted unselfishly, I should not have been denying myself, not in the least. On the contrary, I should have been affirming myself. I should have been mobilizing all I am in order to be fully me. And today I should feel happy and at peace, because I should not be a house divided against itself.

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