AJS Review Volume Seven-Eight 1982-1983 by Frank Talmage

By Frank Talmage

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Eliezer: Mekhiltade-RI, lines4-7. (A different in Mekhiltade-RI,p. ) sequencemaybe reflected 15. Sifre,Deuteronomy,sec. 6, p. 14;Sifre,Numbers,ed. H. S. Horowitz(Leipzig, 1917),p. of Lebanonin theTargums,"Jour181,lines6-8; Geza Vermes,"The SymbolicInterpretation nal ofTheologicalStudies9 (1958): 1-15. 16. Sifre,Deuteronomy,sec. 157,p. 208, line 13;p. 209,line 5. Interestingly, M. Sanhedrin 2:5 derivesthedutyof reverenceof kingsfromthisverse(not,as does Sifre,p. 209 lines 1-4, fromthesecond use of tasimin Deut.

To Deuteronomy Judah's reference 17:15is givenas Deuteronomy partof his discussionwithR. The formalexegesisofv. If he dies,appointanotherto succeedhim... Another somtasim:Thisis a positivecommand.... Does thisreflecta deliberatehardeningof theexegetical line consonantwith R. '6 editions)give: "when the kingsits,"whichis doubtlessa correctionbased on R. Judah'smidrash as foundin Sifreand Talmud (B. T. Sanhedrin20b). , Mordecai Margaliot(Jerusalem,1956),p. 345, in factderivesR. Judah'sviewfrom R.

Mostsignificantly, thisrejected viewisphrased interminology identicalwith thetannaitic materials considered thusconfirming earlier, Epstein's anddemonstrating thatthetiming oftheseobligations wasinfact analysis anissuefortannaitic sages. wefind hereanexplicit tannaitic claimthatbuilding theSanctuSecond, thecrowning ofa king. Thisclaimisbasedonboth arywastohavepreceded andscriptural-historical Israscriptural-ideological grounds. Itisimpossible tostate, of whether the commitment to to led course, exegesis (tempered by monarchy) thisviewas tothetiming ofthesetwoimperatives orwhether thealready heldviewontiming theexegesis inquestion.

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