Aircraft Of The Royal Navy Since 1945 by David Hobbs

By David Hobbs

Книга airplane Of The Royal military seeing that 1945 airplane Of The Royal army for the reason that 1945 Книги Вооружение Автор: D.Hobbs Формат: pdf Размер: 51,2 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Книга оавиации Британского флота в послевоенный период. Самолеты, вертолеты. Фотографии,описание,ТТХ.

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43. Seydlitz. A slightly longer and less beamier version of Moltke, Seydlitz was built as a single unit, reflecting careful design qualities. Other than the Derfflinger group, she was perhaps the best German battlecruiser ever built. The basic layout of Moltke was retained, but an extra deck level was added to the forecastle, making her a much better seaboat than the former; a feature, it may be added, which probably saved her from sinking on her way home from the Jutland action in June 1916. She was exceptionally well protected for a ship of her type, as her war experience proved.

Both survived until almost the end of the war; Scheer was caught by British bombers and hit five times at Kiel on 9 April 1945. She finally capsized in dock, and part of her is still there today, after the dock was filled in with concrete. 5ton bombs dropped on 16 April 1945. Her guns still above water, she operated and fought on until finally blown up by her own crew on 4 May 1945. 72. Gneisenau in 1938; closeup, port side showing bridgework and funnel as completed. 7in armament. To counter the three Deutschland class ships on completion, France had laid down two powerful 26,000-ton ships armed with 13in guns and capable of 31 knots - certainly more than a match for the German ships then under construction (1932-4).

They rightfully assumed that these were probably enlarged versions of the Konig class, armed with 15in guns, but lack of detailed information was still not enough to fully appreciate the type of ship that had been built. 54. Baden, arriving at Portsmouth. Excellent ships in most repects, there was no question of their being copies of the British Queen Elizabeth class as was often claimed in the Press at the time. They were simply uprated versions of Konig - a powerful ship herself. Bayern was completed before Jutland, but was still workingup when the action took place.

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