Advances in Ceramic Armor IV by Lisa Prokurat Franks

By Lisa Prokurat Franks

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Inscriptions: Horoi, Poletai Records, and Leases of Public Lands (Athenian Agora 19)

The 3 varieties of inscription from the Athenian Agora awarded during this quantity are all concerned about very important civic concerns. half I, via Gerald V. Lalonde, comprises all of the horoi present in the excavations; so much of them have been introduced into the realm for reuse at a later interval. An introductory essay discusses a few of the functionality that the horoi served, no matter if as markers of tangible barriers or deepest documents of safeguard for debt.

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Rosenblatt, Impact Damage in Brittle Materials in the ElasticPlastic Response Regime, Proc. R. Soc. Lond. A, 361,343 (1978). A. C. Dao, L. R. Curran, Nucleation and Growth of Cracks in CVD ZnS Under Particle Impact, SRI Annual Report, Part II, to the Office of Naval Research, Arlington, VA, N00014-76-C-0657 (1979). A. H. Marchand, S. R. Skaggs, G. E. Cort, M. W. Burkett, and R. Parker, Failure Phenomenology of Confined Ceramic Targets and Impacting Rods, Inf. J. , 9,263-275 (1990); also in Ceramic Armor Materials hy Design, Eds J.

W. Davies, Modeling of Stone-Impact Resistance of Monolithic Glass Ply Using Continuum Damage Mechanics, International Journal of Damage Mechanics, Vol. 14, April 2005. pp. 165-178. S. J. D. C. R. H. Cook, A Constitutive Model and Data for Metals Subjected to Large Strains, High Strain Rates, and High Temperatures. In Seventh International Symposium on Ballistics, The Hague, The Netherlands, April 1983. 22 . Advances in Ceramic Armor IV PHYSICS OF GLASS FAILURE DURING ROD PENETRATION D. A. Shockey, D.

Shear strength as a function of pressure. These data will be used to develop a computational model of rod penetration into glass. The framework of this fracture-physics-basedmodel is presented in a paper which f o l l o ~ s ’ ~ . A 0 PRESSURE Figure 12. Strength of intact and comminuted glass and the stress path experienced by glass during penetration. SUMMARY Post-test examination of glass targets partially penetrated by a projectile rod suggests that target material in advance of the projectile is densely fractured into micron-sized fragments, which are extruded into more coarsely cracked target material around the projectile.

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