Abendländische Apokalyptik: Kompendium zur Genealogie der by Veronika Wieser, Christian Zolles, Catherine Feik, Martin

By Veronika Wieser, Christian Zolles, Catherine Feik, Martin Zolles, Leopold Schlöndorff

The articles examine ecu notions of the apocalypse from past due antiquity to the twenty first century. orientated to cultural experiences, the amount containsthree chapters on modernity andthree chapters at the early glossy period and the center a while. The articles tackle a few topics, together with varieties of the Almighty, medial legislation, innovations on contingency, typological schemata, alterations, neighborhood, and time frames.

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Chaque fois unique, la fin du monde is the title of the French edition of Derrida’s philosophical obituaries published in 2003 by Editions Galilée, originally published in English as: Jacques DERRIDA, The Work of Mourning, ed. by Pascale-Anne Brault and Michael Naas (Chicago 2001). See the section ‘Jonah on the Oncology Ward and the Beached-Up Whale Carcass: The Strange Secular Afterlives of Biblical Texts’, in: Yvonne SHERWOOD, A Biblical Text and Its Afterlives: The Survival of Jonah in Western Culture (Cambridge 2000) 201–209.

And this is even – maybe especially – true, of those who are considered the true guardians of apocalyptic: the so-called Christian right. Even the fundamentalists, it seems, have long lost faith in an end that is truly imminent. The revivalist preacher Dwight L. Moody (1837–1899) lived quite comfortably in double time – making massive financial investments while preaching the premillenial view of the imminent end. 41 But even these ‘literalist’ interpretations of Revelation are prone to accidental bathos.

This is a fabulous literalist performance – even among the imagined biblical literalists – of Martin Jay’s account of modern apocalypse as weary repetition. 42 This strong narrative of modern apocalypse as weak apocalypse intensifies the pole of the minor, localised, idiosyncratic. ) citational one, cordoned off from the real. Apocalypse is squeezed. It is also something that we 38 39 40 41 42 Tod LINAFELT, S. Brent PLATE, Apocalypse now and then: Living beyond the end of the world (unpublished paper presented to the Art, Literature and Religion section of the American Academy of Religion, New Orleans 1996: I am grateful to the authors for sharing the draft).

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