A Piece of My Mind: Reflections at Sixty by Edmund Wilson

By Edmund Wilson

The respected American author and journalist contemplates faith, battle, Europe, Russia, the Jews, schooling, technology, intercourse, and being 60.

My more suitable pdf of Gimley's experiment, now unmarried web page, b/w history, OCR'd, bookmarked, cropped borders.

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Many a New Englander of the sacred breed has shown far less sympathy with the United States, and less responsibility toward it, than William and l Ienry James. The point I am making here is that a difference does exist between Justice Holmes, on the one hand, and Henry James-if not William-on the other. This difference derives from the fact that Holmes had, as James had not, identifled his own interests with those of the American Republic. Henry James was much concerned with America, and he felt toward it a certain loyalty, but almost-if not quite to the same degree-in the same nonparticipant way that George Santayana did.

Leonard Woolf, with a preface by Bernard Shawa book called International Government, in which he showed that international business and the international labor movement would soon put an end to wars, which, from the point of view of the interests of either of these powerful groups, had nothing to recommend them. I was convinced by the arguments of Woolf, and I heartily approved of Wilson when he said there was such a thing as a nation's being too proud to fight, as later I approved of Charles Beard when he insisted, at the beginning of the second war, that we had better let Europe alone and set our own house in order.

This went well until the second war with Germany, in regard to which the paper's policy was completely isolationist. In the autumn of I940, the husband of our Anglicized patronness suddenly descended on us, and indignantly denounced this policy. " One of these imperialisms was England, and this Britisher made it clear that his country was not so to be characterized. He dissolved the old staff of the paper, though the members-to diminish the scandal-were allowed still to haunt the office and to continue in a small way to write till they were able to find other work.

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