A Guide to Phrasal Verbs by K. Cullen, P. Hands

By K. Cullen, P. Hands

Each one phrasal verb has its personal access with a full-sentence definition, which permits phrasal verbs to be proven of their right grammatical context. info is usually given on which sign in or point of language the phrasal verb belongs to. Synonyms or near-synonyms are proven on the finish of definitions, as are cross-references to different phrasal verbs in the event that they are valuable for comparability. additionally, you will locate examples of the way phrasal verbs are literally used, all in line with corpus fabric. rookies might locate phrasal verbs tough to exploit simply because they aren't yes the place to place the adverbial particle. numerous assorted positions might be attainable, or there could be one fastened place. either full-sentence definitions and examples express the place the adverbial particle can go.
This advisor additionally incorporates a component of Language examine panels at the adverbial debris used to shape phrasal verbs. those supply the vast variety of meanings that every particle has, and exhibit which of the debris are utilized by local audio system to shape new phrasal verbs. those panels can help you to strengthen your wisdom of ways phrasal verbs are shaped and the way they functionality in English. additionally they include extra phrasal verbs to these present in the dictionary.

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4 You do up a building when you repair or dec­ orate it: She buys old properties and does do 19 them up for letting, j We’ll need at least ten thousand pounds to do up the kitchen and bathroom. [same as re n o v a te ] 3 do w ith 1 a You talk about one thing having something to do with another when you are discussing how or if they are re­ lated or connected to each other: I don’t see what it’s got to do with him; it’s our business, not his. j How can I inter­ fere? It doesn’t have anything to do with me.

Try as they might, they ca n t cov­ er up the fact that he is a painter of no technical mastery, no intuitive feeling for pictorial space, [same as hush up] 3 You cover up for someone else who has done som ething wrong when you try to prevent other people from finding them out: Cameron covered up for Gil­ lies without thinking it out. cra ck /krak/: cracks, cracking, cracked 3 crack dow n The authorities crack down on some­ thing when they take firm action to prevent or control it: The D epartm ent of Social Security is cracking down on benefit fraud, o crack up 1 Someone cracks up when they have a nervous breakdown: I don’t seem to be able to handle stress anymore; I think I ’m cracking up.

6 You give something you have up to someone else when you allow them to have or take it: They weren’t prepared to entertain any­ thing that entailed France giving up military sovereignty. _i They went round the town calling on the people to give up go their dead, [same as hand over, sur­ render] g o /gou/: g o e s, going, w e n t /went/, gon e /gon/ The usual past participle of go is gone, but been is also sometimes used. d go about 1 To go about is to move from place to place, often, but not necessarily, with a particular purpose: William K unster went about the world protesting against the trial on the grounds that it was polit­ ical.

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