A God torn to pieces : the Nietzsche case by Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm; Buck, Keith; Fornari,

By Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm; Buck, Keith; Fornari, Giuseppe; Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm

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Urinates in the drinking glass [Uriniert in sein Wasserglas]. 4 July. ” [. ] 14 July. Smeared with excrement [Kot geschmiert]. 16 July. Smeared with excrement [Kot geschmiert]. 18 July. Filthy with urine [Urin gesalbt]. [. ] 6 August. (He has) rubbed excrement on his leg [Ein Bein mit Kot eingerieben]. 14 August. Again very noisy. [. ] Drinks his urine again [Trank wieder Urin]. 16 August. Suddenly broke some window panes. He claims he saw a rifle barrel outside the window. [. ] 20 August. He puts excrement wrapped in paper in the drawer of the table [Legt Kot in Papier gewickeit in den Tischschubladen].

2 December. Claims to have seen some completely mad little women during the night. 17 18 Chapter Two 9 December. Vomit. No mistakes detected in the patient’s diet, but he often bolts his food. 14 December. 18 Nietzsche is now a demented wretch, who repeats the most degrading actions in an apparently senseless mechanical way. Great care is generally taken not to look too closely at these documents, and in effect it only seems possible to peruse them with a sense of pity and profound dismay. But they deserve to be examined, and not just to bring us face to face with the sad reality hidden beneath the whited sepulchers of our cultural mausoleums.

Have I perhaps exaggerated my analyses and succumbed to the seductive risk of over-interpretation? ’ Fortunately, a rule exists to help anyone with a genuine cognitive desire to explore the enormous bulk of Nietzsche’s writings: they contain a host of clues and often confirm sensationally interpretations lying far outside the realm of a philosophical respectability that has falsified and concealed the ideas of this exemplary best enemy to himself. 28 In an oblique and contorted way, this statement is perfectly sincere and justified: the “‘salvation of mankind’” represents the salvation of Nietzsche himself grappling with the insoluble problem of his ontological alimentation, a problem that was to lead to his final self-destruction.

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