A Dictionary of Urdu, Classical Hindi and English (1884 by John Thompson Platts

By John Thompson Platts

Munshiram rep. hb. top to be had version, very legible printing, stable binding. vintage reference paintings

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N. viii. m. Description; praise; qualification; excellence. A ‫ اﺗﺼﺎل‬ittiṣāl [inf. n. viii. m. Conjunction, contact; contiguity, neighbourhood; connection, adhesion, union, attachment. A ‫ اﺗﻔﺎق‬ittifāq [inf. n. viii. m. n. n. To happen, chance, come to pass, occur, turn out, fall out, betide; to arise; to ensue:—ittifāq rakhnā (-se), To be in accord (with); to be on terms of intimacy, friendship, &c. (with); to live peaceably together:—ittifāq-se, adv. :—ittifāq karnā, To accord, agree, concur, unite; to form an intimacy or alliance (with, -se), to harmonize (with); to combine, conspire (against, -par); to co-operate:—ittifāq honā, To be at accord, to agree, be agreed, be of one mind, be in harmony (with, -se); to correspond (to, -se); to growintimate, become fast friends.

V. t. To aṭak. obstruct, hinder, impede, interrupt, stop, bar, prevent, check, restrain, keep back, detain; to H ‫ اﭤﮑﻨﺎ‬अटकना aṭaknā [aṭak˚ = Prk. fasten, join, attach, unite (in marriage); to put अट्टक्के(इ) or अट्टक्क(इ)=S. n. t. To keep back, To be stopped, prevented, restrained, kept back; withhold, detain; to put off, postpone:—aṭkāto be withheld, be irrecoverable, be unrealizable lenā, and -denā, intens. of aṭkānā. n. m. adhere; to be entangled, be in league or in Hindrance, prevention, &c.

Num. adj. Ninety-eight. incessantly, perpetually. H ‫ اﭤﻬﺎو‬उठाऊ uṭhā`ū [uṭhā(nā)+ū = Prk. H ‫ اﭤﻬﺘﺮ‬अठ र aṭhattar, aṭhhattar [S. इउओ=S. (इ)तृ+कः], adj. m. Extravagant, अ ास ित], num. adj. Seventy-eight. prodigal, lavish;—extravagant fellow, prodigal, spendthrift. v. m. Support; expenditure, expenses; running account (as with a baniyā); H ‫ اﭤﻬﻚ ﺑﻴﭥﻬﻚ‬उट्ठकबैठक uṭṭhak-baiṭhak, debit. v. H ‫ اﭤﻬﺎون‬अट्ठावन, अठावन, aṭṭhāwan, aṭhāwan [S. अ ापंचाशत ्], num. adj. Fifty-eight. v. ‫ ﺁﭤﻬہ‬āṭh.

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