A Companion to Donald Davidson by Ernest Lepore, Kirk Ludwig

By Ernest Lepore, Kirk Ludwig

A spouse to Donald Davidson provides newly commissioned essays via prime figures inside modern philosophy. Taken jointly, they supply a complete evaluate of Davidson’s paintings throughout its complete diversity, and an evaluate of his many contributions to philosophy.

  • Highlights the breadth of Davidson's paintings throughout philosophy
  • Demonstrates the ongoing effect his paintings has at the philosophical community
  • Includes newly commissioned contributions from top figures in modern philosophy
  • Provides an in-depth exposition and research of Davidson's paintings around the diversity of components to which he contributed, together with philosophy of motion, epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of language, and philosophy of mind
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5) There are two desire–belief pairs that fortuitously converge on the same action. (6) Two belief–desire pairs converge on two actions that can, fortuitously, be performed at the same time. In a case of unconflicted overmotivation, the agent cannot be described as “torn” between different actions. In (5) and (6), the agent has more than one belief–desire pair, but her action(s) can be fully explained by Figure 1, so long as we are prepared to deploy it (and in the case of (5), the action) twice over.

But at an intermediate stage, we can see that the attitude of holding true or accepting as true, as directed towards sentences, must play a central role in giving form to a theory” (ITI 161). It is part of the ability of a competent speaker of a language that many of her real or even potential and counterfactual utterances can be explained by recourse to her holding true sentences of her language. And these attitudes of holding sentences true are in turn based on the agent having been confronted with the world in situations like the running by of a rabbit.

Yet if the actions involved on both sides of the “by”-locution are identical, then, given that ultimately people always act by moving their bodies, it follows that all actions are bodily movements. ) Not all bodily movements are actions, however. ” In this sense, the possibility of giving action explanations is essential for agency. There are many different kinds of rationalizing explanations of actions. ” EAE 8), by using a “by”-sentence (By setting fire to the bedding, Smith burned down his house, EAE 47), or by pointing out the aim of the action (Smith burned down the house in order to collect the insurance, EAE 47).

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