A Christmas Carol 2: The Wedding of Ebenezer Scrooge by Anne Moore

By Anne Moore

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And I can promise you it will all be used to good purpose. ' Scrooge turned to go. ' 'No, I think not. ' 'Well,’ said Scrooge. ' There, he thought, as he turned away to collect his coat, that wasn't so difficult, was it? He could not remember ever having given away five pounds in one lump before, but it had not resulted in either apoplexy or a stroke. Not yet, anyway. CHAPTER 3 Scrooge and Billy went out on to the street again. Billy was clearly delighted with his new ‘overcoat’ and was doubly fortified by a good breakfast.

Do you know whether they've sold that prize turkey that was hanging up there yesterday? ' 'Good lad. I want you to go round and tell them I want it. And if they've sold that big one, I want the best of whatever they've got left. ’ demanded the urchin. Scrooge sighed and pretended not to understand. ' A tough negotiator it seemed. All of ten years old, Scrooge estimated, and hardened by years of haggling in the streets. Still, it was Christmas. Rather to his own surprise, Scrooge felt a generous impulse rising to the surface.

Even if we do it just once a day. The beggar on the street corner, perhaps. We can spare him a penny, surely. And we can smile at those who are sick at heart. We can provide advice when asked, and keep our opinions to ourselves when we might cause offense by voicing them. ' For the final hymn Billy awoke and rose to his feet. He even seemed to remember some of the words, though he held the hymn book upside down. The hymn was ‘God rest ye merry, gentlemen', and the large congregation, no doubt looking forward eagerly to an enormous lunch, gave it full voice.

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