A cactus odyssey by Mauseth J.D. et al.

By Mauseth J.D. et al.

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Turrialba 43;151–159, 1993. 33 Duckworth RH. Poisoning of cattle by Amaranthus. N Z Vet J 23;154–155, 1975. Egyed M, Miller A. Nitrate poisoning in cattle due to feeding on Amaranthus retroflexus. Refu Vet 20;167–169, 1963. Feine LB, Harwood RR, Kauffman CS, Senft JP. Amaranth: gentle giant of the past and future. In New Agricultural Crops. Ritchie GA, ed. Westview Press, Boulder, CO, pp. 41–63, pp 1979. Gelinas B, Seguin P. Oxalate in grain amaranth. J Agric Food Chem 55;4789–4794, 2007. Gonzalez SC.

Pistachio and cashew nuts are likewise capable of producing dermatitis but are made edible by roasting. Susceptible individuals eating mangos may develop a “Florida grin” by inadvertently touching the rind to their cheeks and chin and subsequently developing a broad U-shaped blistering and reddening. resorcinols or catechols with long, unbranched side chains; cross-reactivity between genera of the family and with Ginkgo Dermatitis-causing genera of the family contain mixtures of mono- or dihydric phenols, resorcinols, or catechols, each with an unbranched and unsaturated side chain of 15, 17, or 19 carbons (Mitchell and Rook 1979).

However, other phylogenetic analyses indicate that although the two families form a monophyletic clade, their relationship to each other is not fully resolved (Kadereit et al. 2003; Müller and Borsch 2005). Until this relationship is elucidated, we feel it best to continue to recognize the two families as distinct. Amaranthus (pigweed) and Alternanthera (chaff flower) are the largest genera; most North American genera are relatively small, with 1–5 species each. Economically, the family is noted for both its weeds and its ornamentals.

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