A Better Look at Intelligent Behavior: Cognition and Emotion by Frederic Perez-Alvarez, Carme Timoneda-Gallart

By Frederic Perez-Alvarez, Carme Timoneda-Gallart

The fundamental function of this publication is to speak a brand new realizing of human behaviour through taking into consideration how either cognition and emotion exist at a neurological point. Neurological facts can now clarify how cognition and emotion paintings interactively. which means every time the mind is mentally working, either cognition and emotion are operating. the ultimate final result of this inner job is/may be an exterior behaviour. during this experience, conversing, examining, studying, consuming, melancholy, nervousness, etc are all behaviours produced through significant neurological mechanisms we've got been conscious of because the Nineties. The neurological facts relies on a number of equipment of analysis, one instance is the newest practical magnetic resonance in people. This booklet provides an evidence of standard functionality to be via an evidence of dysfunctional behaviour.

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In sum, a brilliant animal experiment has allowed us to know the painful feelingsensitivity processing pathways (LeDoux, 1995, 1996, 2000; LeDoux et al. 1984, 1986, 1990). This processing pathway has the primitive temporal amygdala as a control center that receives information from the thalamus. As soon as the amygdala codifies the signal as a danger, it triggers a response on to not only the cardiocirculatory system, respiratory system, and muscular system (body language included), but also cerebral neocortex that does not know the information unfiltered by the amygdala (the neocortex knows later).

Surprisingly, EEG wave appears before Cognition and Emotion 31 will wave with an unconscious period of time between EEG wave and will wave. Therefore an unconscious processing goes before the conscious processing of decision-making. The second very striking point is the evidence that decision-making is determined by feeling, but not really rational thinking. More exactly, it is determined by feeling associated with thought or cognitive data content processed. In this respect, studies based on neurological lesions have been substantial [Damasio 1994, 1995, 1999].

Years ago, it was said that we can get to know by means of body language what the other person we are intercommunicating thinks, feels, and intends to do [Guilford, 1980]. Other behaviors like irritability, tantrum, rage, and aggresision can be understood as impulsive behaviors uncontrolled by the planning function. Likewise, the so-called obsessive - compulsive behavior, and bulimia as a compulsive eating disorder, may be considered a prototype of impulsive behavior without planning. But impulsive motor behavior without planning may be also considered hyperactivity, stereotypy as persistent repetition of an activity, iteration in manipulation of objects, and iterative routines.

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